Crib railing guards

Teething babies are fun, aren’t they? With it comes the joys of cranky babies, sleepless nights and chewing on everything. Including their crib railings. Now I’ve searched high and low for those guard things that you cover the railings with, to protect them. Needless to say we haven’t found any.

Yay for crochet! Figured I’d just make some then. Couldn’t be too hard. Went to google to get a basic understanding of what I need to do to make them. Needed to measure the railings, length and width of each bar. 50″ length and 4″ wide on the long bars. 25″ length and 4″ wide on the short bars.

Now here is what the patterns all said. To measure each side and take off a couple of inches from the length to fit better. I did this and it ended up being too short. It’s a good thing I didn’t tie it off and checked it against the crib railing before securing the ends.

I realised that your projects will never match the patterns. They will always be off whether it be a tiny, small, medium or large difference. Won’t be the same.. the yarn, hook size and tension all play a part in how it turns out. Mainly the tension. But that’s fine! It doesn’t have to match the patterns perfectly.. put your own little touch to it. Afterall it is YOUR project.

Now I only got one side of the crib finished. Used 100% acrylic yarn. 8ply. Size 4 hook. Tight tension. Half double crochet. I worked width wise not length wise. And I didn’t make it frilly and pretty or anything. Only basic to do the job. She’s only a baby, she won’t know the difference.

One of these days I shall finish all four sides.  Unless of course she is moved to a toddler bed first, which honestly may be what happens as I am usually preoccupied with other projects.




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