Granny Squares

This would have to be one of my favourite methods. Granny stitch in a square. Also known as a granny square. Whether it be small palm sized squares or massive queen/king sized blankets.

This stitch is so much fun to do. And so quick too. Very easy as a beginner as well.

So far I have made 3 baby blankets with this stitch. And am working on a huge queen bed sized blanket with this stitch.

The first two were classic colours. One for my daughter which was a mixed coloured yarn of a pale green and pink and white. The border I used was a single crochet around. Then then next row I did a shell stitch to finish it off.


The next was a gift to our neighbour who was expecting a baby. Didn’t know if it was a boy or a girl so I made them 2 blankets in this stitch. One pink and white and the other was a blue and white. The girl one I made them same as my baby’s blanket with the single crochet stitch and shell stitch border. But the boy blanket I didn’t make it frilly or girly so I stuck with a single crochet stitch. V stitch in the next row. And a single stitch to finish it off.


My current project is my favourite so far. It is turning out to be amazing. I chose random colours from my growing stash of yarn. I have a large bag full of mixed coloured yarns and I thought using all of them together would be awesome. Not in any particular order. All the sections of each colour are different sized rows. I do a few rows each night. Started this project a few nights ago. Using a size 6 hook. 100% acrylic 8ply (I pretty much use this type of yarn for everything as it is the easiest to work with and is the most durable. Can make just about anything with it). Relatively loose tension. This is what I have completed so far and will continue to update my progress with it.


The colours I am using:



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