How it all began

Earlier this year I decided to take up a hobby. My Oldest was starting 4th grade and my middle child.. my special boy was off to Kindergarten. It hit me hard knowing he wouldn’t be at home during the day with me anymore. My youngest was still with me here though, she is still a baby. But with my boy being Special Needs and having many, many medical problems it was difficult for me to let go.

I figured, “Hey! Why not take up a hobby.” A few other mothers I know have hobbies and a couple of which were crochet. Seemed easy enough. Why not? So I set out to Lincraft. Bought some yarn. Bought some hooks. Set sale off on journey through YouTube videos. Figured that would be the easiest way to learn a basic beginners stitch. The single crochet stitch.

So I got my hook out, got my yarn out. Little did I know the yarn I had chosen was an intermediate yarn and I didn’t read the label. ALWAYS read the label of your yarn. Didn’t know the ply, tension, what hook to use. I read a 6 was a good size to start with.

Start small they said … bah hah hah. Why start small! Lol. No pattern, just went for it. I started to crochet a small blanket. Got it wrong a few times. Too tight. Too loose. Wrong stitch. And so on and so forth. After about an hour or two I finally got the hang of it. Took about a week, week and a half to finish.


My husband was quite impressed. As were a few of my friends. “That was fast!” “Not bad for a beginner.” “Where’s mine?” (Lol)

Turned out really well if I do say so myself. Didn’t ever use it for a blanket. Ended up using it as a small rug in the kitchen because the floor tiles are so cold. It fits perfectly!

This was the start of a wild and fun crocheting journey for myself and my family.

After the small (blanket) rug. I started on a queen sized blanket. Another large, rather HUGE project. Who needs those small ones. It was a new stitch for me. Learned how to do a double crochet stitch. Took a couple of months to finish this one. But the end result was fantastic.


Next project was a hexagon blanket for my oldest daughter.. hexagons are tricky business. I had to google “how to crochet a basic hexagon” which lead me to YouTube. My trusted friend. Taught me a basic hexagon.. little did I know this hexagon was only small. I can do this! Stopped when they stopped. Turned out great! But … the size of the blanket. I needed over a hundred of these little hexagon pieces. Yay. This project was annoying after a while, making all those silly little hexagons which I blindly agreed to make.


Put that project on hold for a long time. Started a new one. A small single bed sized blanket for my son. He picked the colours he wanted and away I went. Decided to keep it simple this time as to not get overwhelmed by another task. Was great! Finished his within a week and he absolutely loved it. Nothing fancy, just a double crochet stitch.


Worked some more on her hexagons.

Decided to move on to something else. And this went on for a while.









-leg warmers .. which were a complete fail! One leg was wider and longer than the other. But hey. I’m learning!! 🙂




By the time I decided to just get my head stuck into it and finish her blanket I had a few projects completed.

One of them being a skirt for my baby. She was around 8 months at the time. She will be a year old in a week and it still fits her. This was another YouTube project.


Finished the hexagons. It was finally time to put them all together. That was the tricky part. Fiddled around with placement and how it would all be put together. Turned to FB for suggestions. It was my dad that in the end came up with a great way for the hexagons to all be put together.


FLOWERS! How awesome. Why didn’t I think of that. That is brilliant. She loved the idea. I asked her how she wanted the blanket and border. Whether she wanted it all squared off (meaning more work for me) or all wonky. Thankfully she wanted it all wonky. Yes! Haha. Finally sewed them all together with a whip stitch. Made a border. And tada! All finished. Her blanket was finally finished! After all that time and hassle. Turned out great! And she absolutely loves it.


After that I decided to take a small break.. lasted maybe two hours? Then I stuck to pinterest .. good ol’ pinterest. Why not a feather and ripple blanket. I love blankets the most as you can probably tell. I’m surprised how easy this was. Although I suck at maths and working out equations, my husband worked out the length for me and how many chains I needed to start with. Only a small lap blanket. I think I’ll give this one to mil. Three colours I’ll use in it.. an off white, pale blue and pale turquoise. It is only a quarter finished and I haven’t touched it in a long, long ..  long while.


So naturally I started another project. My mother asked if I could make her a scarf as she had nothing for winter to wear to work. I ended up making a shrug for her too. Everything was going great. The shrug was black with a purple border. Made with a granny stitch. Ended up .. okay. Not too bad for my first try. The scarf however. You’d think “hey it’s a scarf .. how hard can it be?” Ah hah hah hah hah hah. The scarf. Let me tell you about the scarf. I decided the scarf would be nice with a half double crochet stitch in only the back loops so it would create a nice bumpy effect. It looked great. Until .. and here is where I put my head down shake it and laugh at myself. I didn’t realize until.. Close. To. The. End. That I had missed some end stitches before turning my work and starting on the next row. You know what that means? Yes … the scarf .. instead of being straight like this: | | was starting to be like this: /  \ . Omg how could I let this happen. Golden rule to crocheting something .. always check your work and count your stitches. So I decided instead of taking it all apart and starting again. “Lets turn it into an infinity scarf!” Perfect? No. Sadly not. It was very VERY noticeable. Only when it wasn’t being worn though, lol. So when it was being worn it looked great. Not being worn it was just horrible. Mum loves them both though! Which is the main part I guess haha. But it definitely taught me a lesson which I had already known but chose to ignore. Always check your work.

This has been such a great experience so far. From January this year until now I have learned so much and created so much. What a fun hobby this is proving to be.


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