Bedtime, naps and quiet time

Bedtime for the kids would have to be one of my favourite times of the day. It’s where I can sit down, relax, enjoy a snack without having to share it, watch a movie with my husband and catch up on some crochet.

Last night after the kids got put to bed I got some more rows done on my current project. Sewed in some ends from colour changes to tidy it up. It is coming together really well. Can’t wait til it is finished. I think it’ll take a few weeks at this pace.


It is currently nap time for my littlest little and quiet time for my big littles. They are sitting playing on their Leappad ultras (best money ever spent). And I got to catch up on some much needed house work. Been lacking lately as my youngest is teething, getting her molars, and waking up every hour every night. I’m exhausted, needless to say not much has been getting done. Got a nice boost of energy today, which is nice for a change.

Since housework is done .. Why not crochet and relax a little! Who knows how long this nap and quiet time will last.


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