Busy days

Busy days like today don’t allow much time for crochet.

Last night I was able to finish three rows on the blanket though. Up to the next colour. Not sure how many rows of that I’ll do. The row before it was only two rows, so I’m thinking four rows of the purple would be nice.

If the little one goes down for a nap that is. Currently making a late lunch for everyone. School holidays don’t allow for much downtime, so much more to do and get done. My son wanted cottage cheese with jam. My oldest wanted squid rings and cucumber slices. My youngest will have what I’m having which is spinach and ricotta pasta. Tonight for dinner is loaded hot potatoes from leftover chilli, looking forward to that. Yum!

Ran some errands today, did my weekly grocery pickup and went to the post office, which funnily enough had some nice yarn there. It was a gift pack, think it was a beanie kit. I love those beanie kits, so handy and great for beginners. Which got me thinking.. It is winter time. I should make some beanies for people, they are easy enough.

Should be able to make a beanie a day while still crocheting my blanket. Beanie in the afternoon while baby naps. Blanket in the evening at bed time. Perfect! Hopefully it works out that way. Wouldn’t want to take on too much and get overwhelmed, like last time. This should be interesting. I would need to go to Lincraft or other craft stores for some nice woollen yarn though.

Hopefully nap time soon so I can get started!


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