And so it begins

It was nap time, yay!

Got started on her baby’s blanket. Started searching for different styles and blankets and colour patterns for it. Came across a hexagon (yes a hexagon.. guess I didn’t learn my lesson? Thankfully it’s not hundreds of little ones) shaped blanket in a granny stitch. Love that granny stitch!

The colours in the picture I found weren’t very neutral, it had blue and green in it. So I decided since I have yellow, white and grey already that I’d just use those.

So far it is turning out great! Has a wavy effect to it, but it won’t be as pronounced once it gets larger. And then I will finish it off with that ruffle edging I showed you earlier.

A little tip for when you are working in the round whether it be a squared or other shape. Turn your work. Otherwise it will start to curve and you will turn out with an awkward shaped project rather than a straight centered piece. If that makes sense. Also you won’t end up with a front and back. Your work will be the same visually on both sides.

Progress so far:



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