Baby blankets

An old coworker of my husband is expecting her baby soon. I love babies! She knows of my crocheting and has seen a few of my projects and loves them! She asked if I could make her a neutral blanket for this baby. Of course I will!! I’d love to!

I’m thinking the quickest and cutest would be either a double stitch baby afghan or a granny square baby afghan. In white with a nice pale yellow border. And to jazz it up I found this very cute pin on Pinterest of a ruffle stitch for a border! How fantastic is that.

Saved the picture from Pinterest so I could use it as a guide.


Pattern said .. After you finish the blanket, make sure you have a single crochet stitch all the way around in each stitch. Chain three in your new colour. Then double crochet two times in that same stitch. You should have three total in that stitch. Then carry on with three double crochet stitches in every stitch. When you hit a corner instead of three in the one stitch, you will be crocheting six double crochet stitches in the single stitch. And this continues the ruffle effect around the entire blanket.

here is the full pattern I found off Pinterest..

She asked this just yesterday. So I’m going to put my current project blanket on hold and make hers. Shouldn’t take more than a few days because it’s baby sized. I can’t wait to get started!!

I just love making these for people.


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