Migraines and kids

Do not mix. My husband has had a horrible migraine since last night. Nothing has helped short of being in a dark room and it being very quiet. Hard thing to do .. keep everyone quiet while taking care of him and the house. With an 11 month old, 6 year old that is half deaf and can’t hear his own voice, and a 9 year old that enjoys picking fights with her brother and bossing him around. *sigh*

Apart from nap time .. today was not a good day.

Searched the web for different stitches. Came across a camel stitch. Looks really interesting. I’m keen to learn it. You stitch into the loop under the back loop so it pushes the front and back loops forward (with a half double) and it makes it look almost like it’s knitted. Perfect stitch for a beanie. When I get around to them. This will be the stitch I use.

Got 3 more rows done on the baby blanket. That will make 18 rows.


I would say I am close to half way finished.

My cat Odin has been helping me even lol. He is keeping the tension nice and tight. Even though I was aiming for a loose tension. He is so cute and fun .. but annoying when I’m trying to crochet something. How could I be upset with this cutie.


Ahh such is life with animals. Makes it fun.

It is evening now, kids will be going to bed soon. Hopefully I will get some more time working on this blanket. I am absolutely loving how it is turning out.

Time to feed the baby and the kids some dinner. Leftovers tonight. Fridge is empty and we need to go grocery shopping.



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