Fun, food & crochet

Yesterday was full of great things.

Kids and I had a great day playing and doing activities. Building blocks. Colouring. Tea parties. It’s the last week of school holidays. They also played outside most of the afternoon. Was a beautiful day, just chilly.

During this time I got to crochet more rows on the baby blanket. That’s 21 rows completed. And all the ends so far tidied up and sewn in. Should be finished soon if I do 3 rows everyday. Plan on crocheting here some more in a few minutes. Have it all out and ready to go with the next colour. I am loving how small the holes are, not large like my daughter’s blanket turned out. Mind you I love her blanket, but it isn’t great for cold weather. The tension I’m keeping is just perfect, not too tight, not too loose. And no chains between lots of stitches, so it is being kept close together. Can’t wait to see the finished product. I was thinking about turning it into a lovey and maybe making a teddy bear head and arms for the centre of the blanket, but I’m not entirely sure. I guess when it’s finished I will have to work it out and see what I’ll do. But for now .. I’ll keep it simple.




Went and hunted more Pokemon on Pokemon go. Caught a Growlith, Staryu, Slowpoke, and many more really cool Pokemon. This new game is quite addictive. Gets you walking though, which is a good thing.

Had the kids clean up the house, which is always nice. Means less work for me! Lol.

And as for dinner .. It was very cold and very windy. Perfect weather for a soup. Decided to make a pumpkin soup. Thought I’d share the recipe.. I will be randomly sharing recipes with some of my posts.


-1 medium to large pumpkin.

-5 small to medium potatoes.

-3 celery sticks.

-5 cubes vegetable stock. (With the amount of water to stock cubes, you would only need 4 cubes, I like the taste with the extra cube)

-8 cups water.


Dice up all the veggies into small cubes (so they cook faster). Throw into a large pot. Toss in the stock cubes. Cover with the water. Cook until the veggies are soft. Take a stick blender (don’t pour into a blender or it’ll explode) and blend it all smooth in the pot. Make sure there are no chunks left. Add a decent amount of pepper. Little bit of salt, not a lot as the stock has salt in it already, unless you have reduced salt stock. Add in a large dollop of milk. Stir it all in. Serve with buttered rolls/bread, if you want. Too easy. Makes enough to serve a family of five with two days worth of left overs. Super yummy.




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