Refreshing start

Well .. that was a nice and refreshing start to the day.

Little missy slept through the night for a change. I was shocked to wake up this morning a bit recharged. Still needing more sleep, but for the time being this shall do.

The two older ones slept in until 10!! Wow! They normally wake up at dawn. I am shocked and amazed. Got some quiet time while baby played with her toys.

Yesterday I only completed two rows of the blanket I’m currently working on. So this morning I finished the third row of grey and started the 1st row of the yellow. Maybe during nap time if I get the house in order and she’s still asleep I can work some more on it.

This woman will be having her baby soon so I hope I can get it finished in time. I don’t think I will turn it into a lovey. Just keep it as a simple baby blanket. She is very excited to hear it is about half way done.


Busy day today. Have a lot of house work to get done. I have been slacking, massively lately. Oops. Have my community food service to attend this afternoon. The MIL is taking my oldest out shopping with her today. And I need to get working some more on this blanket.

Just put down miss for a nap.. so off I go!


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