Crochet nightmare

Last night I was on the third row of the colour white. Next set of rows was grey.. only had about a foot left of that ball of yarn. I went to my stash. Only to find I had ..


Now I could have sworn I saw at least four rolls of that grey. How could I miss that. How could I mess that up. Gah .. idiot!

This was at 8:30pm. Shops on Thursdays close at 9pm. I rushed to the same shop I bought that same yarn from.

They didn’t have that colour anymore. They could order it for next months supply run of yarn. Damn that’ll be too long.. too far away.

So light bulb went on. Ding! Grab the closest grey colour that’ll match it somewhat.


Not quite. 😦 ugh.

Another lightbulb! Lol.

What if I were to finish the blanket now. It’s just about big enough. I mean it’s for a baby so it doesn’t have to be that big. And use it for the edge. It’s lighter than the grey in the blanket so it being on the edge should be okay .. test it out and see. If not then I guess I’m out of luck and have to tell the lady it’s for that it’ll be about a month late.


Doesn’t look too bad. Though I may be biased and just hoping it looks alright so I can just finish it and call it good.

What do you think? Yay or nay? Should I finish it with this colour or should I wait for the same grey in a month?

I hate when this happens.


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