Busy day

Today was mostly spent in town doing errands and playing Pokemon lol. Our new favourite thing to do on the weekends. There are some really good hot spots around the mall. Threw down a couple lures and away we went. Scored up nicely. Got some stage 3s!

We ended up near my new favourite yarn shop. And of course, I couldn’t help myself. They had some really nice 100% polyester yarn there that were pale colours. I love pale colours. Bought 20 rolls. Heh .. Oops. Can never have too much yarn? 🙂

Had to go to the shops and pick up ingredients for tonight’s dinner as we are having guests over.. It’s my baby’s first birthday today! How exciting! We got her, her own mud chocolate cake, because every baby needs that first chocolate cake experience on their first birthday. Fun!! Making lasagne and salad for dinner. It is currently in the oven cooking away and making the whole place smell delicious.

Went on a cleaning spree throughout the house too. I hate having company over and the house being in shambles. Even if it’s already clean lol. My husband must think I’m crazy. He keeps telling me it’s fine. Whatever dude .. Let me clean! Lol.

Well, I shall go and cut up this salad. Going to have mixed lettuce, capsicum, celery, tomato, cucumber, carrot, spring onion and feta in it. Mmm

Hope you have a good evening!


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