One of the best marinades

Tonight I am going to share this sauce we were given from our communities food service I attend each week. About a week or so ago.. we were given a packet of “maple mustard” flavoured sauce. I was a bit skeptical at first and thought .. “This sounds gross”. I am a firm believer of try everything once though. So dinner one night was diced chicken breast marinated in this sauce. Smelled weird, not that off smell when something has gone bad, just strange. Interestingly enough it tasted like BBQ pulled chicken. It can be paired with which ever meat you want, chicken, pork, beef and it tastes like BBQ pulled …….. Whatever meat. So freaking delicious.


I will have to ask where they got it from so I can get more!

I had half of it left from that night and stored it away so I could use up the rest.

tonight we are having it with chicken again. Diced it up and it’s currently marinating. Chopped up some sweet potato and currently boiling that, when it gets soft I will drain it, throw in some butter and milk and mash it up. Sweet potato mash! Yum! Also some broccoli on the side. Just microwaved frozen broccoli with a nob of butter in the bowl. 8 minutes, stir at 5 min. Nothing fancy here šŸ™‚


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