Nothing done. Zip. Nada. Nope.

Today I have achieved … yep you got it. Nothing.

A headache has taken away my ability to function today and all I did was bare minimum.. which was basically aiding to bubs needs and watching tv. Which I probably shouldn’t have watched.. probably made it worse. Straining my eyes and all.

I need to get my glasses checked, possibly new prescription. But I keep getting sidetracked by other stuff. Heh oops.

No crochet. No cleaning. No gardening. And no cooking. Yep we are at Maccas for dinner tonight. Nothing like junk food to make you feel better for those few minutes before feeling gross lol. Beats cooking currently though, so there’s the plus ??

Keeps the kids quiet and entertained in their playground too, which is a definite plus haha.

Off I go.. hopefully tomorrow is a better day and actually accomplish more.

One of my monkeys climbing on the equipment. 🙂



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