Simply wonderful

As a stay at home mother .. I tend to follow a bunch of family orientated pages, blogs and groups. Food related. Craft related. Kid and baby related. Comes with the territory 🙂

This one particular page on Facebook that I follow is called “Aldi Mum” .. it is excellent in regards to items being sold or coming to sale at Aldi. Reviews on said items too. What to get, what not to get. Best value for money. Recipes.. etc. It is just wonderful.

I always told my husband that I wanted a bread maker machine. And that if one miraculously appeared in Aldi I would zoom right to the store at opening hours and swipe one up for myself as quick as I can. Because well if you shop at Aldi you would know .. these special items DO NOT LAST LONG. You have to get it when it first goes on special or be prepared to be disappointed when it is sold out. We have had this happen to us quite a few times and found out the hard way.

Last week to my surprise .. A BREAD MAKER! on specials this morning! Guess what I did? Yep that’s right. I went and bought one at 9am right after school drop off!! Thank you Aldi Mum for posting it to your page asking for reviews for another mother wanting to know. I wouldn’t have a bread maker machine right now. I would have missed out.

At this very moment I am making a batch of fresh bread .. I can smell it when I walk into the kitchen. I cannot wait till it is finished. Nothing better than fresh bread.



It is currently set to rise. Another hour and a bit and I will have some nice bread for breaky tomorrow morning. Yum! If it wasn’t almost midnight I’d be eating it straight away.

On another note. I have started another project. Trying out this polyester yarn I bought from this new shop and making a small blanket that I might gift to someone else. A lot of babies being made around this area. Lol

It is turning out rather well. Have done 10 white rows and have currently finished 6 rows of mint. 16 rows all up so far. Looks rather well. And it feels very soft. I quite like this polyester yarn. I have used it before but I don’t remember it being quite this soft.


No pattern. Just keeping count of stitches and it’ll be square in shape and size. Not too difficult considering I have made a queen sized blanket doing this same stitch and without pattern. Should be fairly quick to complete.

Well it is late. Busy day tomorrow.

Goodnight 🙂


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