Very productive!

Today has been an excellent day in regards to how productive it was. Very happy with what I’ve accomplished.

Got a lot of crocheting done. That white and mint blanket I’ve started is coming together really quickly. Have completed 34 rows so far. Doing ten rows per colour before changing. Just a simple double crochet stitch. Loving it!! I will definitely take a picture of it when it is finished and of course share it! I’ve decided.. If I do end up finishing it before Monday, then I will gift it to the same mum I am giving the hexagon baby blanket too. I loved having a lot of blankets with each of mine and they all got used multiple times. Blankets can be expensive too so a couple freebies are always nice. 🙂

Went into massive clean mode .. Cleaned the house top to bottom. Swept and mopped the floors. Changed all the beddings. Washed all the clothes. Which they all still need to be folded and put away.. Which we usually end up digging through baskets of clean laundry every morning for a while lol! I’m sure other mothers can definitely relate haha. Dusted. Wiped tabletops and bench tops. Changed the cats litter. Bathroom. Kitchen. Laundry room. Bedrooms. Toys. Etc etc etc .. All clean. Phew .. I am absolutely buggered.

As for dinner. I took out chicken to thaw and was going to make a stir fry with spinach from my garden thrown in.. But nope. Chicken is stored in the fridge for tomorrow night. Hubs took our oldest out and left me, middle and youngest home. So I figured if it is just us I’m not going to cook a big family meal. So we all got scrambled eggs with cheese on toast for dinner. and the toast was our freshly baked bread from my new bread maker. Score! Was very yummy.

it is almost bed time here in a few. My boy is watching a movie in his room and relaxing. My toddler is playing with her toys here in the lounge while I watch better homes and gardens. Next on though is Under the Tuscan sun.. Which I have been really wanting to watch lately! How awesome. Searching high and low and on Netflix for that movie and … Nothing. And here it is now playing on 7.

When these kids go to bed .. I shall work some more on this blanket.



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