Eventful day

Well today was an eventful day. Both good and bad. To say the least my oldest got grounded. My youngest FINALLY has four molars that broke through. My boy got his fingers shut in the front door. And my cat ran across the road .. scared the crap out me because it is a busy four lane street. Shew .. I need a good glass of wine. Sadly though I have no more 😦 boo.

As for crocheting, I have completed 6 rows this morning while the little one had her nap. Up to mint again. And!! I found the rest of my white and mint yarn!! In a bag under my desk .. no idea how it got there, but yay! Lol. I was worried I was going to run out again and have another oops.

Got a lot of cleaning done, thanks to my oldest. She was put on house duties for her punishment. Better for me 🙂 . Is it bad that I am enjoying this?

Also today on the menu was pumpkin soup and .. we forgot to pick up a pumpkin when we went to the shops on Sunday. Que long exasperated sigh. What else could I whip up in a flash .. oldie but goodie. Tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwiches. Perfect! Kids love it, husband loves it, I love it. Score.

4 cans (we only had the small cans) of condensed tomato soup.

2 empty cans filled with milk.

Fresh homemade bread (is what I used, shop bought is definitely fine).

Sliced cheese (I use coon lite tasty).


Now all you do is pour the soup into a pot. Fill two of the cans with milk and pour it in. Season it with salt and pepper. Stir. And cook until it’s at your desired temperature.

As for the sandwiches. Assemble as you would a sandwich. Then place onto a pan. And cook on both sides until cheese is melted and sides are brown.

Serve how you like.We serve them in mugs here so we can sip and dip 🙂 so good.


Kids are currently getting ready for bed. Hopefully that doesn’t take them too long.. and my youngest is going to follow here shortly. Then I will be all alone, time to myself. Going to get more done on that blanket. Quite excited finding that yarn. Now I don’t have to worry about running out. Might make myself a coffee to enjoy since I don’t have any wine left.


2 thoughts on “Eventful day

  1. Sounds like your day was like my Monday – everything I touched or tried to do was a big fail. Nothing bad just head-shaking. Tomato soup and grilled cheese always a viable back up plan.

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