Today I am just so overwhelmed.

My oldest woke up around 3am last night with a migraine and vomiting. Lovely I know.. not something I like handling in the middle of the night. She woke up this morning with a fever along with this agonizing migraine. The poor girl has been curled up in bed all day.

I am exhausted. From getting no sleep because silly me went to bed around 1am.. to getting my boy up and breaky and lunch ready. Husbands lunch ready. Youngest up and dressed and ready. Left oldest at home to run to school and drop off little mister. Come back and spent the rest of the school day looking after her and having her whining and crying. (Which ended up giving me a headache). Trying to keep the toddler quiet. Failed there. Leaving her home and took bub to school pick up. Come home to her crying some more because kids outside are being too loud and the dog barking. 😦

Between her and the toddler and the mister .. I am surprised I got my ten rows done for today. Lol. Maybe 30 or 40 rows left to do. Needs to be finished by tomorrow night though if I am going to gift it to her. Going to assemble a gift basket and place some items in there. Got some baby bath washes. Muslim wraps. Etc etc. New baby essentials. Hope she likes it.

It has been a crazy day that is for sure. I am about ready to go to bed. Sleep the day away and hopefully tomorrow is better.

Tonight we just had spag bog. Nothing fancy.

Minced beef. Pasta sauce. 2 cans diced tomatoes. Mince garlic. 2 onions. Dried oregano. Salt and pepper. Spaghetti noodles.

Chop the onions. Throw them into the pot with a generous spoonful of garlic. Sweat the onions. Add the meat. Brown the meat. Add the tomatoes and sauce. Stir. Add in a generous amount of the oregano. I usually fill the lid and dump that amount in. Salt and pepper to taste. Stir. All the while the noodles are cooking. Once cooked add them into the sauce. Mix it up and serve. Kids and husband have grated parmesan cheese on top of theirs. Easy peasy.


Off to work some more on the blanket. Might have to take a break from crochet after this blanket is finished. My wrist is starting to hurt. Bummer.


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