Gift Basket

Well the mint and white striped baby blanket I was working on is finished. It was already the size I needed so no more rows. I was thinking maybe I needed to do 30 or 40 more rows, but nope. It was already a good size. Finished it off with a scalloped edge.



Love how it turned out.

So I have made her two baby blankets. A yellow, white and grey granny stitch hexagon shaped blanket with a ruffle edge. And a mint and white striped double crochet blanket with a scalloped edge.


Awesome! Went to the reject shop and got a nice fabric basket that she could use for baby items as well. Got some muslin wraps. Some baby lotion and bath wash. Some newborn sized nappies. And a cute small stuffed toy lamb.


Assembled it all inside this basket and wrapped it in clear gift wrap with some ribbon.


Ta da! All finished. My husband took it to work with him this morning. Hope she likes it!!


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