Since completing those two blankets back to back with barely any rest in between, my wrist has been hurting. I went to crochet some more on that colourful granny square blanket I was working on before and I couldn’t. It just hurt far too much. I have a problem with both of my wrists that require surgery to fix and I’m just too much of a baby to get it done, so I haven’t. Well if I put too much strain on my wrists it flares up and I need to wear my trusty bandage that prevents me from moving my thumb. Well I am having to wear it every day now since doing those blankets. Shouldn’t have pushed myself so much. My own fault, bummer. Just have to rest it for a while before starting crochet again. Hopefully not too long as I love crocheting.


To keep me occupied while I rest I have these colouring books that I love colouring in on occasion. Fun. Keeps me busy. And if it turns out nice I might turn it into something else. Not sure what. But something nice and crafty.

Time to put these kids to bed. Time to relax, have some coffee and watch some t.v.


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