Today is the first day of August. Can’t believe this year is already almost over. Busy school month this month. Many activities and assemblies to attend. I have two kids in school and they each go to different schools. Some of these activities and assemblies fall on the same day for them.. Saddens me that I have to decide between which one to attend and which will miss out.

This month I am thinking of doing little DIY activities around the house.

Last night my closet shelves collapsed and all of my clothes went tumbling. I have been having issues with this closet since we moved in and finally have had enough. Well we don’t have enough for a new built in closet, so next best thing. Buy brackets and screws.. And drill them into the melamine sheets so the shelves have better support. The last owner of this house was a DIYer and a poor one at that. He didn’t do a very good job building this wardrobe.



My side of the closet he made the opening too wide so the shelves don’t stay on those white plugs that hold the shelves up. They keep falling off and tumbling down. So off I went. Screws, drill, philips head screw driver, brackets. I had 3 shelves. 12 brackets. 2 screws per bracket.

It was difficult, a huge pita. But it works and it does the trick. For the time being until we can afford a whole new closet.


One broken thing in this house fixed. Even if only temporary. Tomorrow I will venture out and find something else to fix. Fixing one person DIY with my own DIY. 🙂


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