Fruit baskets.. Here’s a nifty trick

Today I didn’t have the time to do a DIY project so I thought I’ll share a little space saving trick I got off Pinterest from last year. No doubt you’ve seen it, it is floating around everywhere. Very nifty. Very handy. And it saves on so much space. This works mainly with small kitchens.

We have done just about everything. We had the bowl on the table. Wicker baskets. Plastic stacking tubs. Free standing multi level wire racks. You name it. Nothing stuck. Nothing worked.

Now, our kitchen is tiny. Think studio apartment size meets 60+ year old house. Horrible. A nightmare to organise. Just … Bad. This was how it was sadly however, up until this time last year. I finally got my new kitchen. Yay! This kitchen has so much more storage and organisation options. It’s perfect.

Well it almost was. I needed a place for all my fruits and veg like onions and potatoes. Where was I going to have them live. Couldn’t be in the free standing rack.. Not enough room now. Hmmm..

So I went to Pinterest and did some DIY and organising digging through hundreds of pins.

Pots!! But not just any pots. The wall hanging wire baskets for plants! Who says you can’t use outdoor stuff indoors. Made our way into Bunnings to see what they had. Found the perfect set. We chose two small sized and one medium sized. The smalls are for the fruits and the medium is for the veg.

Awesome!! Check out these beauties..


If you lack the floor space and bench space. This is the best way to have your fruit baskets! Who ever came up with this idea, hats off to you.


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