Just a little

Tonight my oldest had her dance class. It usually runs for an hour and a half, but for some reason her lessons are now split between two days. Today was only for 45 minutes.. I usually drop her off and go back home. Now there is no point in leaving so I packed up a snack for bub. Headphones for the mister. And the colourful unfinished blanket to work on. My wrist is feeling better, for now, so I worked on it .. just a little. 🙂 got one row done. Still feeling fine.

And since Wednesdays are busy with her dance and at an odd hour.. we usually have dinner early because if I waited until after they’d be going to bed late on a school night. These nights usually call for easy meals! Love easy meals.


Italian dressing chicken, homemade chips, broccoli. Super easy. Super yum.

All you will need is chicken breast cut into large pieces, frozen or fresh broccoli, potatoes diced with the skin still on, seasoning of your choice (I usually use all season or herb & garlic), evoo, italian dressing.



Marinade the chicken in the dressing. Place potatoes in a bowl, top with the evoo, and seasoning. Mix and spread on baking tray. Cook at 200c for around 20-30 minutes. Place broccoli in a bowl, add some butter, cook in the microwave for 10 minutes stirring half way through. To cook the chicken just toss it in a pan on high, cook the outside, then turn to medium and cook through. I like to add a little more dressing to the pan when it’s cooking through.

It’s another family favourite. And the kids love it which is a huge plus!!


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