Brown sugar and banana rolls

My oldest being allergic to cinnamon isn’t good for cravings 😦

I have been wanting to make cinnamon rolls since getting my bread maker. I remember as a kid how my mum would make big batches of dough in her bread maker. Rolling it out. Coating it in butter, sugar and cinnamon. Rolling it up. Cutting it. Placing them in a baking dish. Then rising. Baking. Covering in icing. Yum!! Such good yummy childhood memories.

I remember being a cheeky child too and sneaking into the bread maker and stealing a pinch of dough and eating it .. heh .. sorry mum! Lol. She’d make comments sometimes like “hmm the dough wasn’t as big as before” .. sorry! My bad. Haha.

Well tonight I came up with an alternative.. I have butter. I have brown sugar. And I have some overripe bananas. Why not use all that and make a brown sugar and banana concoction.

Started the dough in my machine. Took it out when it was ready and beat it and rolled it out. Perfect! Brushed butter on it. Sprinkled the brown sugar. Then placed on the cut up bananas all over.


Then I rolled it up. Cut it up. Placed it in my baking dish and stuck it in the oven with a bowl of hot water so it can rise again.



After it was done rising. Took about an hour. I turned on the oven to 200c and let it cook for about 40 minutes. Till the were hardened and golden. Mixed some softened butter, milk and icing sugar in a bowl till pancake consistency  (what mum told me) added some vanilla essence to taste. And poured it over the rolls. Now I’m just letting it all cool down. Had a little taste of the end piece and it is very delicious. I am surprised it turned out so well. First time making these.. certainly not the last.

Breakfast tomorrow morning? Brown sugar and banana rolls!!




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