Not a beanie.. ??

What was going to be a beanie has turned out to not be a beanie. For some reason the same pattern, same yarn etc .. has failed me. Worked for me once with my son’s beanie, but for this beanie that was to be for my oldest daughter has failed. I’m guessing too small of a hook was used. That must be it.

Put it on her head .. well I should really say, TRIED to put it on her head. I wish I had taken a picture of it when we were trying to get it around her big head .. it was just so horribly small. It won’t even fit my youngest and she is a year old. What?!? LOL

wait! I just got her to pose with it haha


How in the world did that happen. Nice new project.. one that I had actually accomplished before and have it turn out fantastic, to this. I have no idea. But it is too funny.

I am going to save this fail of a project. Not sure for what. Maybe a beanie for her “life size” Elsa doll? Or it could be a bowl.. it does sit upright when I turn it upside down. As a nice funny little keepsake.





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