Funday Sunday

Only a small update this morning.

Yesterday the husband and I took our kids out to the city. Parked at the station and packed everything up in the stroller and went on a train.

The kids played pokemon and I worked on the blanket on the train! So much fun!

Such spectacular views..

Sydney Harbour Bridge .. my oldest was in awe of it. Even though we’ve seen it many times, it is always a wonderful sight.




We went on a ferry from circular quay to darling habour. Saw the opera house but from inside the ferry we couldn’t get a good enough picture of it. Maybe next time!

Did a lot of walking around yesterday.. if you play pokemon go, this is like Christmas.



So much fun. And so much walking. Caught so many pokemon and the kids absolutely loved it.

Spent the day in the harbour. Had dinner at Hard Rock Cafe and walked back to the city. The lights on the habour when the city comes to life is just amazing.


The clock tower is always a beautiful sight at night.


Had a lovely time. Next time we venture to the city I will have some better pictures to share!


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