Bangers n Mash

On the menu for dinner tonight was Bangers n mash. Another favourite here. Quick and easy. Pretty cheap too. Big bonus if you are on a budget.

600g sausages. About 6-7 of them.

Generous handful of button mushrooms.

2 small-medium sized onions.

Gravox brown onion gravy mix (or you could make your own or use a different brand).

Potatoes for the mash.

Veggies of your choice. I used green beans, broccoli and corn kernels.

Dice up the potatoes and cook them till soft. Make it into a mash. I love adding a bit of milk and butter during the mashing process. Dice up the sausages. Cook them in a pan. Dice up mushrooms and slice up the onions. Add them to the sausages. Cook them till soft. Make the gravy. Add it to the sausages. And cook the veggies to your liking. I’m a microwave user for veggies and love cooking my frozen veg in it with a bit of butter. Yum!

Serve and enjoy.

No picture tonight as it went quickly. And I didn’t think that far ahead.


The amount of ingredients is based on a family of 5 with a little left over for me for lunch during the week.


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