I cannot teach..

Yep. I completely fail at teaching.

My oldest has started the crochet and knitting group at her school. She wants to learn to crochet because it looks like fun when she watches me do it. And she wants to be crafty in all aspects not just drawing and colouring etc etc. And she also wants to do crochet like me!

I loved hearing that .. until .. that is when she asked me for help and to help teach her some stitches because her knitting group teacher “isn’t as good as me” .. awww bless. lol. Considering I only just started crocheting at the beginning of this year. How sweet.

I am not a good teacher at all. But I gave it a go anyway. I tried to show her how to hold it. It was awkward for her. I showed her a basic single stitch.. I failed. She was getting it all knotted and tangled and kept holding it wrong. I was starting to get annoyed and frustrated and she was getting upset and annoyed because she just couldn’t get it. She needs a better instructor. Definitely not me. I have never been able to teach people, anyone, anything. I just fail at it. Reason I am not a teacher now. Reason I don’t home school, not against it and I applaud anyone that does.. I just couldn’t do it. Nope can’t. Wasn’t born with the teaching gene.

I tend to get all awkward and mutter my words and get all jumbled up in how to simplify things and better explain the technique on what to do and how to do it for whatever it is that we are learning.

I may just put YouTube on her laptop, put hook in her hand and yarn in the other and start on “how to crochet for beginners” and off she’ll go. Just as I did. And hopefully that will help her learn.

I wish I was a better teacher with certain things. The main thing I guess is that I tried and didn’t just brush her off knowing full well I’d fail at it. And then guide her off on a journey of teaching herself through videos as I did.

Wish us luck!


2 thoughts on “I cannot teach..

  1. Good luck. I think many parents suffer a similar fate with teaching their children to drive too! I haven’t taught either of mine much yet in the way of craft. I hope your daughter gets on well. 😊

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