Not enough energy

Yesterday …. Nothing got done, at all. I was really hoping to crochet some more on one of my unfinished projects, but nope. Sadly didn’t get to do anything. Not even house work.

Time was spent chasing after the toddler. We had boxes blocking off access to the kitchen and laundry room because baby gates would prevent our dog from being able to access his dog door to do his business.

Well little miss has figured out how to climb them, there goes that idea. Nothing else I can think of to keep her away. It’s a good thing she doesn’t try and eat the dog or cat food anymore.. Gag. Eew. Lol. But instead of eating it .. She is now playing in it and the water and throwing it all over the rooms. Sigh.

So along with getting into the kitchen and laundry and causing a dog and cat food tornado, she is now climbing the lounges. Oh but it’s totally okay because she now also knows how to climb down from these lounges. But wait she wants to climb over the back of the lounge from the front of the lounge. And she also wants to throw everything she can get her hands on down the crack of the lounge and the wall on the other side.

And to top it off she decided she doesn’t like having naps anymore. When did my one year old become a terrible two toddler that can’t even walk yet?!?!? I am going to lose my mind.. And it will probably end up behind the couch down that little crack where she throws everything now. :/

I do not have enough energy for this.


One thought on “Not enough energy

  1. Bundle her up and take her to a park with your crochet!! Of course not walking she may crawl around and put yucky stuff in her mouth. Treat yourself once a week or maybe every two weeks to one of the those baby play spaces – you know the ones where Mum has a cuppa and toddlers run a muck! Other than that all I can say is “what goes around, comes around” LOL

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