Finding the time

Trying to find the time lately to crochet and blog.

These past couple days have been hectic. Between the kid’s school, my son’s therapies and my crazy toddler. Got some great news about my son. Part of his condition has caused him to have severe glue ear and enlarged adenoids causing him to be half deaf. He has already had a set of grommets. And next month he will be getting another set and a partial adenoids removal. Awesome news! Very excited.

Didn’t crochet much over the weekend or yesterday. Only thing I did do was practice some puff stitching. Finding this stitch to be quite fun! I saw on pinterest a blanket that looked to be of  a double stitch and puff stitch made to look like legos! I am tempted to start doing it and adding yet another unfinished project to the pile I already have lol.

Looks like we are all catching a cold that is going around so tonight I have decided to make a classic chicken soup with carrots, potatoes, pearl barley, celery, spiral noodles and some roast bbq chicken shredded. Oh and chicken stock too, to make the broth. Going to be nice. And easy too which is the best part. All I have to do is dice everything up and toss it all into the pot with the stock and barley and noodles and let it boil soft, add in the chicken, let it simmer for a bit and then serve. Yum! Super easy.

Hopefully tonight is a quiet night and I can get some crocheting done.


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