Eventful evening

Well tonight has been a rather eventful evening.

It was my oldest’s dance class yet again. Every Wednesday and Thursday night.

Now her dance being back to back, two nights in a row. Lugging a big stroller in and out of the boot of the car and pushing it down, across and up the street to the location of her class. Is very tiring. And me being the lazy person I am came up with a more efficient and easier way of doing this. Ditch the stroller and carry baby in the ring sling.

But where was my trusty ring sling? I haven’t used it since she was 6 months old. Last I saw it was folded nicely and sitting on my desk. But it wasn’t there anymore. It had been moved.. but where?

Now if you are anything like me, anything put in a safe place is usually never to be seen again. Lol. If I didn’t laugh I’d cry. So many items put away in a safe place. I should know better by now.

I searched high and low. Searched everywhere. Turned this house upside down. Nothing, nowhere.. gone.

Then I remembered that my husband asked at one point if we wanted to gift it to that woman I was making those blankets for. I did tell him no .. I remember telling him no. Oh please don’t tell me he did anyway! For his sake .. no! I love that sling and want to keep it forever even if she is my last baby.

Looked in every closet. Every room. Every hidy hole. Every nook and cranny. Underneath the bed, being we have a gas lift bed for great storage.. nope. Stroller, no. Car, no. Coat hanger even, no.

Took a break and went to social media for location ideas to search in. Maybe the kids dress ups? No. Bummer.

Took a break and decided that it’ll come to me eventually. Nope.

Decided to search in my room again. Tossed everything upside down and turned into a crazy woman. Tossed everything around in my big crazy search for my beloved ring sling. Lifted up the bed and started throwing out all my yarn …. oh look! There’s my sling. Folded neatly and placed ever so nicely underneath all my yarn.

So found it in the most obvious place. A place where I visit often and look through often. Hidden away in plain sight. Couldn’t see it.

Had one hell of a mess to clean up.

Looked like Lincraft threw up in my room.

Fun times.


At least I have my sling now.


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