Short but sweet

Just checking in to do a quick update and apologise for the lack of posts this week. We have all been struck down with that horrible sickness floating around and it has just been hell on earth here this past week.

Thankfully all was well by Sunday morning and we were able to take the kids out to the city for a nice family fun day. We have decided to take the kids to the city for a nice day out every Sunday because us as a family needs that quality time together to hang out and just do stuff that isn’t our “normal every day” activities. It’s nice. And it’s relaxing. And it is very fun. We pack a picnic. Some snacks. And go off on an adventure.

As for crochet .. I have yet to finish an unfinished project, start a new project or do anything related to any crafts or crochet here lately. Tomorrow I plan on picking up a hook and making something new or work on something old. That is after I catch up on some much needed housework, as sicknesses usually don’t allow for such acts. And the aftermath of such neglect … Sheesh.. Hurricane passed through. Hopefully it doesn’t take too long to finish. I don’t have to clean the kids rooms because, well, them being 6 and 9 years old are perfectly capable of cleaning their own messes up. So there’s that. Only mine, lounge, kitchen and laundry to do. Maybe hire a cleaner? Lol. Maybe one that like being paid with good food and good company? A girl can dream.


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