Ring sling

After my crazy adventures in finding my trusty ring sling. I thought I’d share it with you all.

It is perfect for any types of carry. I’ve only tried a kangaroo carry for when she was a newborn with her legs all tucked under and her head covered, a basic front carry with legs out and up above shoulders with head out, and a hip carry with her on my hip with her legs and arms out and it tight across her back. I am trying to learn how to back carry with it and have been practicing but it will take some time.

Searching on how to do a back carry with a toddler I came across this tutorial on how to do different carries with your toddler. Just brilliant.


And here is my little bub in hers in a hip carry. She loves it.


I prefer the rings across my chest. More comfortable for my back and shoulders.

What’s your favourite carrier?


2 thoughts on “Ring sling

  1. I always wanted to try a ring sling, but we went from a close caboo to a soft structured carrier and hubby was converted to buckles. We never bought any more after that! I hadn’t realised ring slings were quite so versatile. 😊

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    1. With my oldest we had an ergo type carrier but it was hard on my back and too hot in our summers. Had a kangaroo sling pouch thing for my boy and he outgrew it quickly. Ring sling has been my favourite by far. It’s very light too considering all the fabric, but it breathes which is nice for summer. Makes my husband nervous lol. He prefers buckles too.


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