Box baking

Is one of my specialties. Haha.

I love to bake and cook but I am such a cheater. But you know what? Who cares! 🙂

Yesterday was a nice day. We invited the in-laws out for dinner. Had a nice Thai meal at a restaurant just around the corner from us. I love their Karee curry and their pineapple fried rice. Tried some of their crab meatballs.. sooo good. Thai food would have to be one of my favourite types of food. So much flavour.

Before we went out though I decided we should have coffee, tea and dessert over at ours.

Rummaged through the pantry and found a carrot cake mix and some brownie mix. Beautiful. Perfect. Turned out great and so delicious.



One thing I forgot to do though was line the baking tray with paper.. I always do that, but forgot and the edge of it got stuck to the bottom. Other than that they were very yummy and the carrot cake was very good too.

What is your favourite cuisine or dessert?

Tomorrow is Father’s Day here. Having a nice breaky, lunch and dinner. We are going to be doing a lot of outside work and gardening. Bought my spring and summer vegetables and some manure. Going to sow and plant my vegetables tomorrow. Got some capsicum, sweet corn, artichoke, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, rock melon, carrots, and my daughter wanted some sunflowers. Going to be a busy but fun day. I love planting and gardening.


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