Veggie Patch part 1

Yesterday and today we ventured out to Masters. Their whole chain of shops is closing down so they are having huge sales on atm. Score! They are a homeware hardware type shop.

Well we ended up getting 7 bags of manure. 4 bags of potting mix. 3 bags of tomato and veggie booster with blood and bone and compost in it. Got some strawberries too!

Needed to get something out of the garage where we always buy stuff and store it there and forget about it. Well I found a planter box! With a green house type cover. Awesome! I forgot we bought that .. maybe 2 years ago? Lol

We always wait until night time to put stuff together .. no idea why though. Just how it always happens. And we built it, or rather I built it while the husband held up pieces.

Too late to plant anything now. But all the components are there waiting to be put together and mixed together and then veggies planted tomorrow! Will have to be a nap time job. But I can’t wait!



Tin with wood… stands out like a sore thumb. But hey.. it’s great!


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