Veggie Patch part 2

Well today little miss went down for a nap at 11am.

I figured.. woohoo!! Time to get gardening!

Now here in Australia our sun is just horrible and harsh. Having sensitive skin on my face I need to be sun smart and protect it. Well.. wasn’t very smart today. I went outside and got started. Got about an hour into it and I realise that my face feels as though it is on fire. This can’t be good. Nope, I forgot to lather the sunscreen on it and wear my big oversized gardening hat. I am going to be in so much pain tonight. 😦 damn.

On a plus side though, I took a pitchfork to each box and mixed it all up and loosened the soil. I took a shovel and took a bunch of soil from the three old boxes and put it into the new box I built last night. I then placed 2 cow manures in 3 boxes and only one in the box my spinach is in. Around 1 bag of blood and bone mixture in each. And the remaining bags of potting mix also into the new box.

Separated each packet of seeds and sprouts and sorted them out into which box they’ll be planted.


Looked pretty good to me so I figured it’s time to get planting! We have cucumbers and tomatoes in the green house box. Artichokes and sweet corn in the box next to it. In the middle box on the right I planted rockmelon and capsicum where I made a lattice for it to grow against. And in the far right box I have planted su flowers and carrots and still have my spinach growing nicely there. Planted them all. And covered with sugarcane mulch. Watered it all in.


I cannot wait until it all starts to sprout and grow. That’ll be part 3!


Ta da! Very very happy with how well it turned out. Now just to sit back water ocassionally and wait.


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