Veggie Patch part 3 – Sprouts!

We have sprouts!!

Was tending to the garden boxes today, weeding and adding some fertilisers when I noticed seeds have sprouted!

So far we have 6 out of 10 corn sprouts. 3 out of 6 rock melon sprouts. 2 out of 8 cucumber sprouts. 2 out of 8 tomato sprouts.

And the already sprouted transplanted vegetables are thriving. The artichokes, carrots and capsicums. The capsicums have surprised me as I have failed to grow them. Hoping they stay this season and grow full-sized until time to harvest them. *fingers crossed*

In other news..

I went to Aldi for some nappies and wipes and walked out with garden edging, fertilisers and 8 packets of flower seeds and a packet of zucchini seeds. Guess what I’ll be planting on the weekend? That’s right! 🙂 can’t wait!

I’m going garden crazy down here! I love spring.

Now sure how the flowers will go as every time I’ve planted flowers they always seem to die on me. Hopefully this season is better for them as well.

My brown thumb has been slowly turning green. Haha.


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