Christmas & The New Year

Christmas being only 95 days away. Yes I’m counting down. Yes I know Halloween still has yet to come, but halloween we are already mostly prepared for and Christmas is so much bigger!

Anyway.. Christmas!

Now that we have a new member of the family (she has already spent one Christmas during her life but she was only a few months old so couldn’t really do much but sit there looking cute).. I have been searching and saving sites and patterns and pinning a bunch of Christmas stuff. I want to crochet some stockings for all five of us so they all match and cross stitch our names onto them. I would love to make some new ornaments for our tree. And maybe even a new tree skirt.

As for the new year .. the very first day I am hoping to start a temperature blanket.. I would love to find one that’ll suit Australian temperatures, as our weather doesn’t get very cold in the winter. So based off some of the guides I’ve come across I would barely use any of the blue colours because we don’t have negative temperatures here.

Hope I find something!! Would be very fun to do!


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