Crazy week

This past week has been crazy. We’ve been locked away in bubbles trying to keep my son from getting sick so he could have his surgery on the Thursday. Which was a success. He had his operation on Thursday to get grommets placed into his ears and had one of his adenoids scraped. He is on the mend this week and told to take it easy. So we’ve just been hanging around at home not doing much.

Been keeping myself busy and working on my blanket and also cooking up storms every day. The blanket is getting BIG! Slowing down and taking longer to do each round now because of its size. But it’s awesome!

As for the food .. Well. Delicious! For instance a couple nights ago I made chicken schnitzel for dinner with homemade chips and some steamed vegetables. Turned out fantastic. I seasoned both the flour and the breading with salt and pepper, paprika, garlic powder and grated Parmesan cheese. Dipped the flattened chicken breast pieces in the flour then in the beaten eggs and then into the breading. Dipped them into the egg again and back into the bread mixture. Then cooked them in a pan on medium to high heat with some evoo and turned every few minutes until golden and cooked through. The chips I just chopped up skin and all, cover in evoo, salt and pepper and a herb and garlic mixture I bought at the spice market. Then just in the oven at 200c for 35-40 minutes. So delicious and loved the outcome!


And then last night I made a seed loaf of bread for the first time ever in my bread maker. It didn’t come out looking like a normal loaf and it was flat and sunken in at the top.. Not sure what I did wrong there. Tasted fantastic though and was beautiful paired with the pumpkin soup we had for dinner. Will definitely be making more of the seed loaves and hopefully fix where I went wrong during the rising process.


On the menu tonight is Bangers n mash, nothing fancy or special, but still very yummy and a family favourite.

Tonight I will be working more on my blanket, hopefully with a nice glass of wine in hand and a good movie on the t.v. . School holidays are on atm and they have me wanting to rip my hair out.. The oldest won’t stop bossing her brother around. Her brother won’t stop bugging me asking for stuff he already asked for a minute ago and the answer was no. And the toddler has become clingy and won’t let me put her down and if I do she cries and cries until she is picked back up. I’m hoping that phase doesn’t last and hoping holidays move by very quickly lol. Love my kids, but man they know every button to push and how exactly to drive mum batty.

Off I go … I am needed :-/

A mother’s job is never over.


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