Veggie Patch part 4 – Growth!

We have more growth!! So exciting. Just a short update on my vegetable garden.. It is growing very well. The ONLY plant not growing at all has been my rockmelon.. And it was my favourite too.. So sad about that. I was thinking of maybe planting another round of rockmelon, but not sure if that is a good idea or if that would even work.

Thought I would share a few pictures of current growth!


Planted zucchini in a separate pot because it just takes over when it grows.


Left is my tomatoes and on the right is my cucumbers.


Left is my artichokes and right is my corn.


My rockmelon was on the left and capsicum is on the right.


Sunflowers on the left. Carrots are on the bottom right. And my spinach in the top right is thriving.


And last but not least is my potato pot .. Have had this plant producing for 2 years now.

I also have planted a bunch of flower seeds in small pots on my veranda wall that have just sprouted and hopefully have flowers soon!

Simply wonderful.


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