Veggie patch part 5 – growth spurt

Been a while since I have updated about my vegetable garden! With watering every second night and seasol every 2 weeks and weeding daily. We have some great growth happening! I was concerned there for a while of my capsicums not growing very much, but these past couple days I have noticed that they are bigger now. Which is awesome! I have never had a successful capsicum harvest yet since starting my veggie patch adventure a few years ago so I’m very happy to have seen that extra growth!

Here is the Tomato and Cucumber patch-


Here is the Zucchini pot-


Here is the Capsicum patch-


Here is the Carrot patch-


Also some visible growth of the carrots poking through too!


And here is the Sunflower patch-


I am also trying my hand at an irrigation system.. messed it up the first time and got some new tubing that I am going to fix up over the weekend. Hopefully I get it right next time.


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