Started my stocking project. Made the first square and thought … hmm I’m going to need a whole lot of these little squares if I am to make 5 stockings for THIS Christmas coming.


I saved a pin the other month of a little girls jacket/cardigan.. it was made from joining up two hexagons made from a granny stitch in a hexagon shape. Got me thinking. Folding a hexagon makes it an “L” shape. A stocking! Why not?


All I need to do is granny stitch a hexagon shape. Then fold and stitch around but leave the top open. I may do a decorative top with a double crochet around and the fold it over. And still cross stitch everyone’s names on each stocking.

Not sure if I should do every one a different colour pattern. Red and white. Red and green. Red, white and green… etc etc. Or if they should all be the same. I think it’ll come to me when I get to the next one. This first one is red and white. Like a candy cane.

So far so good. 🙂


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