Getting active

In my youth before marriage and kids. I was fit and healthy. Somewhere down the track I lost it. Between binge eating, laying around and being super lazy my metabolism plumetted. I went from a nice size 8 to and whopping size 20. And between each child I gained even more. Used the kids as an excuse to laze around and not get active and out.

Starting from Monday I put my toddler on my back in the carrier and took the dog for a walk. Four days in a row. I feel great. I have a bounce back in my step. Smile on my face. The excuses are gone. No reason now as to why I can’t get out.

Now just to work on my eating habits. I am the emotional eater, the boredom eater, the kitchen and fridge hovering person  and also the large portions person. This will need a lot of work on. But hopefully I get it.

I don’t want to be skinny again. I don’t want to be back in any of my pre-pregnancy clothing. I just want to be healthy. I struggle from pain day in and day out. It won’t go away when I’m smaller, but it won’t be as bad and will be easier to manage.

I’ll be able to play with my kids more.

No fad diets or exercises. Just smaller portions, no more crap, and walking around the neighbourhood exploring. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Getting active

  1. Good luck! I’ve found some fab low impact aerobics on YouTube (your body project ) which I’ve been able to do when the kids are in bed. They’ve been really handy for days when I’ve been at work and therefore couldn’t go for a walk. My knees play up a bit lately so I’m being gentle but trying to get fit and lose weight. Keep at it! x

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