Veggie patch progress

I am amazed! My  vegetables have had a huge growth spurt. Quite a few vegetables are now growing. Have fixed my irrigation system. Watering it in the morning for about 20  minutes and in the evening  for another 20 minutes is helping quite a lot. Our days here are getting quite hot, between 30°C to 40°C.. boiling. The soil gets quite dry. So watering both morning and nighttime helps keep it nice and moist.. (sorry to those that cringe at that word, my lack of a better description).

Here we have..



I also went and planted some red onions that were sprouting in the onion basket in the kitchen. We don’t use them all in time.. heh. They look like they have taken to being planted and have sprouted some more.


My tomatoes and cucumbers have gone wild.


Have got some tomatoes growing too!


The corn has gotten huge! And the artichoke is growing very nicely too.


Even have an artichoke growing in the middle one.. can’t wait for it to be time to harvest it.. steam it.. eat it with some garlic butter. Mmmmmm yum!


This is the first time since beginning my veggie garden that capsicum has grown for me! I’m shocked and very happy.. I looks to be blooming, so hopefully soon we will have some capsicum growing and be able to harvest them. Very exciting!


My spinach has sadly died.. it was very delicious. But it didn’t make it. 😦

The carrots and sunflowers however are taking off, growing rapidly.


Have some funky looking deformed carrots growing. lol. Love buying the odd bunch at woolies so we usually eat weird looking carrots.


Progress so far has been amazing and fun! I love growing my own vegetables. So rewarding.

Harvest time is just around the corner!!


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