Little Thank You Gifts

My oldest attends the school across the street and there are these two lovely people who work at the crossing, we call them lollipop people. The road is double landed on both sides and very busy every day, it’s a main road.

My daughter has been crossing the crossing with them every day, both morning and afternoon since Kindergarten and she is just finishing year 4. School finishes early December here.

Well long story short she is moving schools for years 5 and 6 to a school where I will be driving her to. She won’t be using this crossing anymore. I wanted to get the lollipop people a nice thank you gift for watching out for her as she crosses. They are both very nice and we’ve befriended them both, one of them especially.. I give her veggies from my garden and the kids save them treats and give them to the lollipop people on their birthdays.

I couldn’t figure out what to give them. one of the ladies in a parenting group I was added to on FB suggested I crochet them something. Like ornaments, or mug cozies. I thought the mug cozies was a wonderful idea!

So I did!


They  turned out great!

I think I may make a couple more so they can have a couple different ones in different colours. Just an easy pattern. 8 rows of hdc. Acrylic 8ply yarn. Turning after each round. And used a 6.5mm hook.

We made a trip to Costco not long ago and got a bunch of American chocolates that I’ll put some into a little pouch and have the kids make them thank you cards.

I hope they like it!!


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