Baking up a storm

This week is the final week of the school year for my kids. My oldest brought home a note for a class party and she was selected to bring something sweet.

I was thinking and thinking on what I could make a huge batch of that would be simple and easy and quick… brownies! Brownies are easy and quick and I could make a boat load! I bought a while ago a huhe box of brownie mix from Costco. Haven’t used it because .. well who needs that many brownies. Only to find that there are individual packets in this huge box and I could have made some earlier. lol

So I made two batches of brownies. I wanted to jazz them up a bit and asked around for some ideas on what I could do and got quite a lot! So I combined a few of them and found some cookie cutters and made these..


Snow flakes! Decorated with a cream cheese icing.


Stars and candy canes! Decorated with red fondant and cream cheese icing.


And my favourite.. Christmas trees! Decorated with cream cheese icing, 100s and 1000s and a candy cane trunk.

Pretty messy and not picture perfect.. but they are perfect for her party!

I am very happy with how they turned out.

Hope her classmates like them!


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