Christmas Day

Christmas is 4 days away. Have finalised my menus for the day and am feeling quite accomplished. Have researched all meals and recipes. Have written down a game plan. Individually wrote down each foods recipe and pinned it to the fridge.

On the day we will be having pancakes in the morning which is tradition for us .. the husband usually makes them while the kids play with their Santa gifts.

Now the night before I will make our lunch. I’ll be making a sandwich platter. I’ll make a ham and cheese, some with tomato and some without and with lettuce. Egg salad with lettuce. And salami and cheese with lettuce. I’ll cut them into triangles and arrange them on the platter and store them in the fridge for lunch on Christmas day.

For dinner I have planned a maple glazed ham. Cooked in my new slow cooker (Christmas came early and my parents bought us a family sized slow cooker!). Cranberry sauce. Stuffing. Mashed potatoes and gravy. Homemade dinner rolls. And roasted veggies, pumpkin, carrots, red onions, green beans, sweet potatoes and almonds.

The inlaws are going to be over for dinner so hopefully that will be plenty. They are bringing over dessert so don’t have to make anything else.

Love being organised 🙂


What do you have planned?


2 thoughts on “Christmas Day

  1. Sounds great!! Christmas Eve is a casual dinner of nice deli meats and salads on the good dishes, Christmas Lights drive followed by A Christmas Carol and last minute gift wrapping. Christmas day after a nice breakfast and the opening of presents we are off to a friends house for Christmas lunch – which has now become our new tradition. I’m always responsible for the deviled eggs which has now been renamed Debiled eggs they are my friends favorites LOL – this year I will also be making the crackling. I had a test run last weekend and was successful – wish me luck with enough to serve a crowd.

    We are organized this year as well – all the gifts purchased even the overseas one except for flowers for Grandma which I’m on to this morning. The Kids and Grandkids all have their gifts – it’s weird…..

    I also love being organized but have become accustomed to panic instead – Life of a Mamma of a Crochet Mamma LOL

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