Christmas Day .. a little late :)

Christmas was a fantastic day. Everything was organised and just perfect.

The night before Santa came and gave the kids their main gift and stocking stuffers (a couple wouldn’t fit in the stocking lol .. oops)


Everyone got what they’ve “always wanted”.

The morning of the kids ran into our room and jumped on the bed at 7am yelling that “it’s Christmas and Santa has been!!”

So we all got up and opened all the presents.. they watched some of the new movies they got. And the husband cooked pancakes for breaky.

As the morning passed the kids were playing with their toys, Christmas movies and carols playing on the telly. It was just lovely.

The night before I made the sandwiches for lunch and the deviled eggs for dinner..



The sandwiches were ham, cheese & lettuce. Ham & cheese. Salami, cheese & lettuce. Salami & lettuce. Egg salad. And egg salad with lettuce. Loved them. Made enough for lots leftover.

Inlaws were coming over for dinner around 5pm .. so I planned to make a feast.

At 11am I got started on making the maple ham. I made it in my slow cooker with a recipe I found on Pinterest.. turned out so nice, very delicious. And very easy to make!


Put it on for 6 hours instead of 5 because we had a rather large ham.

As for other sides I made stuffing, dinner rolls, and roasted veggies. Also added some cranberry sauce. And mashed potatoes and gravy made from the ham juices.

The stuffing and dinner rolls recipes were also found on pinterest..

Stuffing recipe..

Dinner rolls recipe..

As for the roasted veggies I pulled a few ideas from pictures when surfing the net for recipes.. all I did was chop up some sweet potatoes, pumpkin, green beans, red onion, carrots and added on some shaved almonds and sprinkled on some rosemary. Cooked in the oven with the stuffing for about an hour.



First time ever making dinner rolls (the corner burned, I cooked them in my microwave oven and haven’t worked out the best heat to use, but other than those couple, the rolls were yummy). First time cooking a ham and using a slow cooker. And first time making stuffing. Not too bad if I do say so myself 🙂

Yes I’m gloating .. haha.

The whole spread was beautiful.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas!


Although .. during clean up I realised I forgot the deviled eggs. At least we had those with the leftovers.


One thought on “Christmas Day .. a little late :)

  1. Sounds wonderful – our Christmas was quiet. You would think a sleep in given that we have a teenager but no, eggs, bacon and hash browns for breaky then off to friends for Christmas lunch. Home by 5:30 for left overs from our Christmas Eve spread the chillin with new toys and movies.

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