Crazy week

This whole last week has been crazy hectic. I planned on starting a temperature blanket and didn’t really get a chance to. Happy new year to us my oldest got sick with appendicitis. It was slow progressing and she never exhibited your usual symptoms.

At first she thought she got a stitch because she was walking a lot with my husband/ her father while they were Pokemon hunting. So thought nothing of it.. until it never went away. The next day it got worse, but still bearable. In the lower abdominal area, so naturally we thought she may be constipated. But nope she had gone to the toilet and had no troubles doing so. So scratch that off. The next day the pain was even worse.. three days now she was in constant pain. Took her to the doctor and they felt her tummy and checked her temp. She had no fever but for those three days she was constantly feeling cold/freezing to where she was carrying a blanket around with her, even in the scorching 40 Celsius degree weather. But yet she had no usual fever one would have with this. Doctor felt around even more and was concerned because her abdominal area was slightly swollen. He sent us to the emergency department of the children’s hospital for an ultrasound. We arrived by 5pm. They took her behind and did pre-checks on her and we waited for the doctors. They admitted her and took both urine (which came back negative) and bloods (which came back slightly elevated for inflammation). Because nothing was urgently progressing and only slowly progressing, we got sent home with a referral for an ultrasound first thing in the morning.

8am we arrived back at the emergency department, where they said to go, for the ultrasound. They took us back there and proceeded with it. The tech called in the doctor and said it is most definitely appendicitis. Her appendix was inflamed. They prepped her for surgery, we signed all the papers. And she was in surgery that afternoon getting it removed. She stayed for two and a half days in recovery and was sent home on Friday. She is now four days post op and healing nicely. Other than the stitches causing her pain and discomfort on occasion.. she is no longer in pain.

I’m writing this out because she didn’t present any of the normal and usual symptoms for appendicitis.. just to let others know. She didn’t have a fever, she didn’t have any markers in her urine, she barely had any markers in her blood, she wasn’t in crippling pain.. but yet she had appendicitis and needed an emergency appendectomy.

If there is something wrong that doesn’t follow the normal patterns… this could go for anything. Yet you feel deep down that it could be what is wrong. Get it looked at and be persistent if you need to be. Please don’t wait.

I am so thankful that the doctors didn’t just send us off and say it’s growing pains or her starting her PMS because she’s around the age to where girls could be starting puberty.. etc. They were understanding, kind, and looked at everything and ran all the tests needed. But not everywhere is like that and I’ve read of some horror stories where people are turned away because their symptoms don’t fit. Well here is a story of where my daughter’s appendicitis symptoms didn’t fit.


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