All these things!!

Omg .. all these things that I could make! Going through my mind .. I can’t do just one. I want to make them all!


Dish towels. Wash clothes. Beanies. Blankets. Fingerless gloves. Skirts. Mandalas. Placemats. Table runners. Pot holders. Socks. Cardigans. Cushion covers. Etc..etc..etc..

I already have started a blanket, that block stitch blanket I wrote about earlier. But I feel like starting another project, and then another, and another.. it’s endless. It’s so overwhelming.

I need to get a grip and settle down lol. Work on my blanket more and then start thinking of a smaller project because large blankets take quite a while to finish.

I’m very glad that I started to crochet.. it’s fun and exciting and so many different things to be made.

So far my favourite project was making the multicoloured granny stitch blanket that I gifted my parents.

What was your favourite project?


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